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Zachary Rodger’s Interfaith Book Launch Celebrates Shared Traditions in Fasting 

March 10, 2024

Dozens of individuals gathered to commemorate the book launch of “Fasting: An Interfaith Exploration” by local high school senior and author Zachary Rodger. The event featured a diverse interfaith panel, consisting of Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, Monsignor John Zenz, Rabbi Marla Hornsten, Narayanaswamy (Nasy) Sankagiri, and Wonrim. Attendees were treated to an engaging discussion as each panelist shared insights from their respective religious traditions regarding the practice of fasting, emphasizing the commonalities and differences across Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Zachary’s book launch not only celebrated the achievement of a local high school senior but also provided a platform for an enriching exchange of ideas among the diverse religious leaders. The event successfully encompassed a spirit of unity, understanding, and respect within the community, highlighting the importance of interfaith dialogue in bridging gaps between different religious traditions.

Zachary Rodger expressed joy and gratitude for the support during his first-ever book launch. He was elated to see familiar and unfamiliar faces come together to explore the universal tradition of fasting. Acknowledging the generosity of those who attended, Zachary extended his appreciation to the panelists for their valuable contributions and recognized the organizing committee for their pivotal role in the event’s success.

Reflecting on the highlights, Zachary cherished the opportunity to share his personal journey, along with insights into his photo-editing process. The question and answer portion was another standout moment, where the engaged audience demonstrated genuine curiosity. A memorable question from a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints added depth to the discussion, showcasing the diverse perspectives on fasting.

Zachary’s book launch not only marked a personal milestone but also demonstrated the community’s interest in fostering connections through shared traditions. The event left a lasting impression, reinforcing the significance of interfaith dialogue in promoting understanding and unity.