Question of the Week: In what tradition is “Wise Lord” Ahura Mazda opposed by “Destructive Spirit” Anghra Mainyu?

 Q: In what tradition is “Wise Lord” Ahura Mazda opposed by “Destructive Spirit” Anghra Mainyu? A: Click here to find out. The IFLC would like to help foster our understanding of one another by using our newsletter as a forum for you to ask these questions. We want to share your questions anonymously within the framework of our newsletter… Read More


By  Maneck Bhujwala History Prophet Zarathushtra (known as Zoroaster by Greek philosophers like Plato who studied his teachings) lived approximately 4,500 years ago in eastern Iranian lands, according to scholars, and based on descriptions mentioned in the holy Gathas (sacred songs, poetic compositions of the prophet containing his teachings). Roman and Greek historians put him… Read More