RDJ is excited to embark on a Journey with you that will have us encounter many of the faith communities that make up Metropolitan Detroit’s rich religious and cultural landscapes.

On our Journeys we will encounter important values that unite all communities as well as many diverse customs that enrich our world.

As you participate in remote Journeys to five different local houses of faith, you will learn about the diverse ethnic and religious communities across metropolitan Detroit. Most importantly you can better understanding your friends, classmates and others that you see in your schools and communities every day.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (past executive director of the Detroit Health Department, candidate in a Michigan election, political contributor, author and podcast host) is a kid from Bloomfield Hills. Dr. El-Sayed and the other young adults interviewed here remember their middle school and teenage years pretty well!

What it was like for them to grow up in our diverse Southeast Michigan community? Take a moment to watch and find out!

Click the pink tile to learn about Sikh beliefs, values and cultural traditions that enrich our local environments every day.

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Holocaust Memorial Center

Detroit Institute of Arts

“I came to understand that it’s easy to hate someone you don’t know.
When you know them it’s harder,
and when you care about them it’s almost impossible.”

Sheryl Olitzky, Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom

Thank You to Our Collation of Local and National Partners: