About Judaism

Judaism is a religion comprising the religious, cultural, and legal traditions of the Jewish people. The central religious belief of Judaism is that there is only one God. This is known as monotheism. Monotheism was uncommon at the time Judaism was born nearly 5,000 years ago. According to Jewish tradition, God revealed God’s self to Abraham, the ancestor of the Jewish people.

God revealed the Torah, which includes the Ten Commandments, to Moses. Some laws in the Torah pertain to the Jewish people’s relationship with God. Other commandments (in Hebrew Mitzvot) focus on the Jewish people’s relationships with each other and the rest of the world.

The vast array of Jewish community-building organizations in America is too large to count! Here are some national groups you might like to find out more about:

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World-wide there are only about 14 million people (0.2% of the global population) who self-identify as Jewish. Yet, with almost 45% of all Jews living in the United States many aspects of Judaism’s faith, culture and community have had significant influences on parts of American society.  Even so, there is much about Judaism and the Jewish Community that is not commonly explained or taught to the non-Jewish world.

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Presented by PBS, The Story of the Jews is a five-part, five-hour public television series written and presented by historian and critic Simon Schama. Drawing on Schama’s immense scholarship, his acute and original viewpoints, and his own family history, he offers a series that is both deeply historical and bracingly contemporary.

This video resource explains Judaism, at 4000 years old, as one of the oldest monotheistic religions and the granddaddy of Christianity and Islam. But even though its teachings helped create the world’s two most popular religions many people don’t know what the Jews actually believe.

Judaism developed in the eastern Mediterranean over the last 4000ish years. Today there are about 15 million Jews making it the world’s tenth-largest religion.

What is the Torah? What’s a Covenant? And why does no one worship mermen in the Middle-East anymore?


Our custom, exclusive textbook is a great resource to support learning about each of the five faith traditions.

In partnership with Detroit Public Television, join us on a virtual Journey to a Jewish Synagogue in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

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