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Join the Bridging to Belonging Program for the Social Polarization Detox Challenge

June 30, 2024

Are you ready to overcome the toxic polarization harming your health, your relationships, and our country’s ability to thrive?

The Bridging to Belonging program invites you to participate in the Polarization Detox Challenge, an initiative designed to help individuals overcome the toxic polarization that is harming our health, relationships, and the nation’s ability to thrive. Starting with one short exercise a day, this challenge offers a practical way to foster understanding and unity starting with you!

About the Challenge

● Daily Exercises: Each weekday, you will engage in a brief exercise tailored to your “lift level” for the day, with options for easy, intermediate, or advanced activities. This flexibility ensures that everyone can participate at their own pace and comfort level.

● Health and Relationship Benefits: The exercises are designed to reduce stress, improve mental well-being, and strengthen relationships by promoting empathy and understanding across differences.

● Community Impact: By participating in the Polarization Detox Challenge, you will contribute to a larger movement aimed at healing divisions within our communities and fostering a culture of belonging and cooperation.


Why Participate?

● Personal Growth: Learn how the cycle of toxic polarization affects your life and your relationships. Develop practical skills to navigate and bridge divides in your personal and professional life.

● Stronger Communities: Be a part of a collective effort to build more cohesive and resilient communities. Encourage a “cognitive shift” or softening of positions by challenging misperceptions.

● Nationwide Impact: Join thousands of others in taking small steps that lead to significant change on a national scale. Commit to doing what you can.

Building bridges starts with you! Join Us!

Take the first step today by joining the Polarization Detox Challenge and be a part of the solution to overcome polarization and build a healthier, more united country.

For more information and to sign up, visit Polarization Detox Challenge Sign Up

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