Our Values and Diversity

We Value Diversity and Welcome All

The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit brings people of diverse religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds together to work toward a harmonious community based on our highest and best values. Our volunteer board and committee members represent a wide range of backgrounds. Their diverse experiences and beliefs help us in our mission of achieving a community of justice, peace and belonging for everyone. Our programs are open to all in the region.

We teach understanding which leads to deep, respectful relationships among individuals and congregations of different faiths as well as those who do not have a religious affiliation. We advocate for resilience in the face of misunderstanding and bigotry, and speak out against discrimination and hate.

What values do you hold dear? What values inspire your work, faith, or community life?
We believe that expressing our values – and listening to each other’s values – is a vital step in the work towards Beloved Community.

Towards that end, this Values Vignette series introduces some of our community’s interfaith leaders and the values that they believe to be most important.