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January Newsletters

Read about our upcoming events, programs, and more in the IFLC’s January Newsletters

January 27th: Save the Dates! Join us for an Upcoming Book Launch and World Sabbath Day!

Celebrate the book launch of “Fasting: An Interfaith Exploration” by Zachary Rodger on February 25th at the West Bloomfield Public Library. Hosted by the InterFaith Leadership Council, the event includes an interfaith panel discussion, refreshments, and a chance to connect. Don’t miss the Annual World Sabbath on March 3rd at Bharatiya Temple in Troy. Catch up on the live panel discussion on AI and the sacred on the Faith & Works Podcast. Stay tuned for the event recording release and check the website for upcoming local events, including an Interfaith Dinner celebrating religious diversity.

January 13th: Expressing Gratitude to IFLC Friends and Highlighting MLK Day Events

Expressing gratitude to donors, volunteers, and supporters, the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit reflects on the achievements in fostering understanding and unity in 2023. Contributions have played a crucial role in shaping inclusive communities, and the council looks forward to continuing the journey of interfaith education and understanding together. Join their inaugural live podcast discussion on January 18th, exploring the impact of AI on sacred aspects, featuring industry experts Prof. Chris Gilliard, Prof. Saeed Khan, and Prof. David Koukal.


The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit reflects on its accomplishments in 2023, highlighting successful programs like the Religious Diversity Journeys engaging 400 students and collaboration with john a. powell at The Henry Ford. The Education Committee’s events, including the Detroit Religious Heritage Bus Tour, saw immense interest, while the Interfaith Health Equity Partnership concentrated on mental health challenges. The newsletter concludes with prayers for peace, emphasizing the council’s unwavering commitment to interfaith work in challenging times.

The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit, in its year-end appeal, expresses gratitude for past support and urges donors to contribute to the organization. Highlighting achievements such as Bridging to Belonging cohorts, Religious Diversity Journeys, and the Detroit Faith and Works podcast, the letter emphasizes the unique challenges faced in the current year due to conflicts in Israel and Gaza, resulting in increased Islamophobia and antisemitism. Despite personal differences, the Muslim and Jewish board members emphasize the importance of interfaith work in addressing these challenges and fostering understanding in diverse communities.

The Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at St. Faustina Catholic Church in Warren brought together the community for a heartwarming celebration of unity and gratitude, emphasizing the strength derived from understanding diverse backgrounds. Featuring presentations from various faiths and support from Mayor Lori Stone, the event highlighted shared values and unity. Father Bogdan Milosz, Pastor of St. Faustina Parish, concluded with a message of love and acceptance, showcasing the power of diverse voices coming together during the Thanksgiving season
In the midst of the ongoing conflict, the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit extends a heartfelt prayer for healing, peace, and unity. Expressing deep sorrow for the pain witnessed in the lives of friends, the prayer calls for compassion, understanding, and the creation of common ground and bridges among communities. Centering on the universal pursuit of peace, the prayer seeks God’s guidance to overcome fear, anger, and trauma, and to foster a spirit of compassion, comfort, and understanding in troubled times.
The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metro Detroit, in collaboration with the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, organized a complimentary gathering at the Henry Ford Museum titled “Building Horizons: Embracing Differences and Finding Belonging.” This event explored the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, highlighting his commitment to justice, equality, and reconciliation, which continued to inspire global efforts for a more just and peaceful world. The gathering featured john a. powell, a Detroit native and Director of the Othering and Belonging Institute at the University of California Berkeley, who is renowned for his expertise in civil rights, civil liberties, structural racism, housing, poverty, and democracy.
The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit organized the Detroit’s Sacred Spaces Bus Tour, exploring three significant places of worship in the city: First Congregational Detroit, Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue, and Bethel A.M.E. The tour highlighted the diverse history and contributions of each location, emphasizing the intersection of faith, social justice, and Detroit’s history. The event aimed to deepen understanding of religious diversity in Detroit, celebrating shared values and traditions that contribute to the city’s cultural and spiritual landscape. Additionally, Religious Diversity Journeys, a program by the IFLC, is returning for its second year, welcoming nearly 400 students from 15 schools to explore the beliefs and practices of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism through immersive learning experiences in sacred spaces.
We were delighted to have extended a warm invitation to join us for the Urban-Suburban Interfaith Picnic, a joyous celebration of unity, diversity, and friendship that took place on Sunday, July 30th, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Palmer Park, 910 Merrill Plaisance. The gathering occurred near the splash pad, bringing together individuals from various faiths and beliefs to transcend boundaries and build bridges of harmony. The event featured activities for all ages, including a community potluck, music, DJ, dancing, bingo, games, crafts for kids, and face painting, creating a delightful experience that celebrated the similarities uniting us as one human family.
The InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit successfully hosted its 23rd Annual World Sabbath of Reconciliation on March 19, 2023, at Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, drawing hundreds of participants from various faith communities. The event provided a platform for religious leaders to share insights into prayer and worship practices, fostering understanding of traditions such as Jewish, Jain, Hindu, Baha’i, Christian, Quaker, Zoroastrian, Mormon, and Sikh. Raman Singh, Executive Director of IFLC, received the World Sabbath Peacemaker Award for her dedication, while children from diverse faiths showcased handmade peace banners during the Children of Peace processional, emphasizing unity and hope for a diverse future. The Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit, in its commitment to the value of “mutuality,” organized a panel discussion on Thursday, April 27, 2023, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The event aimed to explore the core principles of Holy Week/Easter, Passover, and Ramadan, major holidays in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, respectively. Representatives from each religious community participated, sharing insights and fostering meaningful reflections on the significance of these holy days for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.