The Interfaith Health Equity Partnership promotes healing and well-being of all faiths through healthcare. The goal of our committee is to ensure each person, regardless of faith, receives the healthcare they need.

We need your voice!

There are many ways to get involved in our Interfaith Health Equity Partnership.  Select a tab below for more information.

How can your involvement contribute to health equity?

Get actively involved by participating in Interfaith Health Equity Partnership events, workshops, and discussions. Engage with the diverse community, share your insights, and contribute to the collective effort toward health equity.

Are you passionate about fostering health equity through interfaith collaboration?

Embrace the mission of the Interfaith Health Equity Partnership by becoming a dedicated member. Join a community of individuals committed to fostering health equity through interfaith collaboration. Your involvement strengthens our impact throughout Metropolitan Detroit.

Have you thought about sponsoring events, programs, or initiatives organized by the Interfaith Health Equity Partnership as a demonstration of your commitment to social responsibility?

Support the cause of interfaith health equity by sponsoring events, programs, or initiatives organized by the partnership. Your sponsorship not only demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility but also contributes to the success of initiatives aimed at creating positive change.

Are you interested in establishing a deeper connection with the Interfaith Health Equity Partnership? How can your organization contribute as an official partner to advance shared goals?

Create a meaningful connection by becoming an official partner of the Interfaith Health Equity Partnership. Collaborate on projects, share resources, and leverage your expertise to contribute meaningfully to the partnership’s goals. As a partner, you play a vital role in advancing the shared mission of promoting health equity through interfaith collaboration.

Our Impact So Far

The Interfaith Health Equity Partnership of the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit is actively impacting our communities through a series of various initiatives:

Faith-Centered Events: Organizing events that bring together people from different houses of worship, providing opportunities for experiential learning and understanding of various faith traditions.

Health Education Workshops: Facilitating workshops led by healthcare experts to educate community members on topics such as preventative health, maternal/infant health, disease management, and navigating the healthcare system.

Community Health Advocacy: Advocating for policies at the local and state levels that address healthcare disparities and promote equitable access to quality care for all residents.

Local Focus on Metro Detroit: Development of training programs for Metro Detroit clergy members to enhance their understanding of health issues and equip them with skills to support congregants in accessing healthcare resources and navigating medical systems.

Partnerships with Healthcare Providers: The Interfaith Health Equity Partnership recognizes the importance of collaboration with healthcare providers to effectively address the diverse health needs of the community. By developing strategic partnerships with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations, the partnership aims to establish a comprehensive network of support that ensures equitable access to healthcare services for all residents of Metropolitan Detroit.