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Interfaith Dinner and Ramadan Iftar Hosted at the World Peace Association: Masjed Alnour.

May 19, 2024

On March 27, 2024, a meaningful evening unfolded at the World Peace Association: Masjed Alnour, with the Interfaith Dinner and Ramadan Iftar serving as a beacon of unity and peace. This special event brought together leaders from various faiths to foster connections and mutual understanding in a warm, welcoming environment. Board Members of the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit shared inspiring words on the importance of interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

The evening was enriched by the presence of esteemed community leaders, all dedicated to promoting harmony among different religious traditions. Guests enjoyed a delicious Iftar meal, breaking the fast together and engaging in meaningful conversations that highlighted shared values and the importance of peace.

The program also featured heartfelt speeches, cultural reflections, and an atmosphere of mutual respect and friendship. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the spirit of unity and peace, reinforcing the idea that, despite diverse beliefs, we can come together to build a more inclusive and understanding community.

Watch the incredible highlights from this event here: @IFLCMetroDetroit on YouTube: World Peace outreach Annual IFTAR Dinner

For more details about the event and the World Peace Outreach, visit: World Peace Outreach