Faith & Works Podcast2023-07-11T15:49:14-04:00
Episode One: What is the Role of Religion in America?2023-04-17T22:17:06-04:00
Episode Two: What is the Function of Religion?2023-04-17T22:17:47-04:00
Episode Three: The Impact of the Black Church on American Music2023-04-17T22:18:44-04:00
Episode Four: The Impact of The Black Church on American Music: Part Two2023-04-17T22:24:05-04:00

The conversation about sacred music continues with Bob Bruttell and Reverend Robert B. Jones Sr. American music has become a mix of European and African tradition. The group look at the segregation era and how, as Wynton Marsalis put it, tradition has called out for separation, while music became a connecting force. We want integration, but our tradition causes us to split. How does understanding where our music comes from help to bridge the divide?

Episode Five: The Impact of the Black Church on American Music: Part Three2023-04-17T22:24:49-04:00
Episode Six: Artificial Intelligence and Applied Technology: Their Ethics & Concerns2023-04-17T22:25:27-04:00
Episode Seven: The Legacy of Martin Luther King: Can We Hear Him Now?2023-04-17T22:32:58-04:00
Episode Eight: The Pandemic and Faith: How Has COVID-19 Affected Faith for Young Adults?2023-04-17T22:33:45-04:00
Episode Nine: Weaponizing Words2023-04-17T22:34:23-04:00
Episode Ten: Anti-Democracy, Anti-Diversity2023-04-17T22:35:04-04:00
Episode Eleven: The Effects of COVID-19 on Practices of Worship2023-04-17T22:35:42-04:00
Episode Twelve: Is There a Conflict Between Vaccines and Religion?2023-04-17T22:36:18-04:00
Episode Thirteen: Are Children Sacred to Us Today?2023-04-17T22:36:47-04:00
Episode Fourteen: Is Our Humanity Sacred?2023-04-17T22:37:29-04:00
Episode Fifteen: How Do You Define What is Sacred in Our World Today?2023-04-17T22:39:58-04:00
Episode Sixteen: What is Sacred in Our Music Today?2023-04-17T22:42:14-04:00
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