Faith & Works Episode Two: Is America Losing Its Religion?

Faith & Works Episode Two

Bob Bruttell, Saeed Khan and Reverend Robert B. Jones Sr. discuss what religion means in the American context. The function of America has been formed by the presence of many different religious traditions and understandings. Continuing on the theme of what religion is becoming, the group asks if America is losing religion or if in fact it never left?

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Meet The Panelists

Robert Bruttell
Robert BruttellPanelist

Robert Bruttell is Vice Chairman of the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit and Vice chairman of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Detroit. He is Adjunct professor of religious studies and history, University of Detroit Mercy and a member, Christ the King Parish (Roman Catholic)

Saeed Khan
Saeed KhanPanelist

Saeed A. Khan is currently in the Department of History and Lecturer in the Department of Near East & Asian Studies at Wayne State University-Detroit, Michigan, where he teaches Islamic and Middle East History, Islamic Civilizations and History of Islamic Political Thought. Mr. Khan is also a Research Fellow at Wayne State University’s Center for the Study of Citizenship. He is also Adjunct Professor in Islamic Studies at the University of Detroit-Mercy and at Rochester College, co-teaching a course on Muslim-Christian Diversity.

With areas of focus including US policy, globalization, Middle East and Islamic Studies, as well as genomics and bioethics, Mr. Khan has been a contributor to several media agencies, such as C-Span, NPR, Voice of America and the National Press Club, as well as newspapers and other outlets, and is also a consultant on Islamic and Middle East affairs for the BBC and the CBC. In addition, he has served as consultant to the US-Arab Economic Forum. Mr. Khan has founded the Center for the Study of Trans-Atlantic Diasporas, a think tank and policy center examining and comparing the condition of ethnic immigrant groups in North America and Europe, consulting the US and UK governments on their respective Muslim communities. Most recently, Mr. Khan has become co-host of the radio show “Detroit Today” on Detroit Public Radio.

Rev. Robert Jones, Sr.
Rev. Robert Jones, Sr.Panelist

Rev. Robert Jones, Sr. is a native Detroiter and an inspirational storyteller and musician celebrating the history, humor and power of American Roots music. His deep love for traditional African American and American traditional music is shared in live performances that interweave timeless stories with original and traditional songs.

For more than thirty years Robert has entertained and educated audiences of all ages in schools, colleges, libraries, union halls, prisons, churches and civil rights organizations. At the heart of his message is the belief that our cultural diversity tells a story that should celebrate, not just tolerate.