Religious Diversity Journeys at Muslim Unity Center – What our Students are Saying

Shreyas Varanasi from Geisler Middle School: “I was surprised that boys have modest dress, too, not just the girls. And I learned that Indonesia is the country with the most Muslims in the world.” Tarun Tangirala from Geisler MS: “I learned that Muslims face Mecca when they pray because it’s their spiritual place. Even when… Read More

Journeys into Judaism Photos

Our 7th Grade Religious Diversity Journeys students have just finished their Jewish Journeys. Two groups went to Temple Israel, one to Congregation Adat Shalom, and one to Temple Beth El. They learned fun and interesting facts, spent time thinking about how Judaism compared to their own religions, and reflected on the misunderstandings and misconceptions they had… Read More

Our children are learning to triumph over fear and hate with love and hope

Tune in each week to see what we’re learning at RDJ! In today’s climate, it seems more important than ever to teach our children to triumph over fear and hate with love and hope. And helping them reflect on what they learn at Religious Diversity Journeys is one way we can help them express themselves… Read More