Journeys into Judaism Photos

Our 7th Grade Religious Diversity Journeys students have just finished their Jewish Journeys. Two groups went to Temple Israel, one to Congregation Adat Shalom, and one to Temple Beth El. They learned fun and interesting facts, spent time thinking about how Judaism compared to their own religions, and reflected on the misunderstandings and misconceptions they had… Read More

It takes a village to do Religious Diversity Journeys

In 2013 Religious Diversity Journeys took 100 7th graders from 4 school districts to six houses of worship. This month we start the 2016-2017 RDJ Year with: 16 school districts and private schools 38 middle schools 550 students 60 teachers 120 parents 24 journeys Religious Diversity Journeys, which helps an increasing number of school communities… Read More

Using the pen to connect: One Earth Writing

The pen, mightier than the sword or not, is inarguably the better implement for creating peace. And writer Lynne Golodner is teaching teens to use it for just that purpose. Golodner, who was raised Jewish in Farmington Hills, is hoping to help local youngsters to connect to each other with a greater sense of their… Read More

RDJ Quilts Find Homes

The quilts created by crafters and students as part of a joint project of the IFLC, Song and Spirit, and Project Linus have found their new homes! Locally the quilts were distributed to Beaumont Royal Oak, Providence and Children’s Hospital of Michigan. In Orlando, a volunteer quilt organization is mobilizing quilters across the country for victims… Read More

Religious Diversity Journeys Student Videos

A visit to a mosque, temple, church, synagogue, or gurdwara can be an eye-opening experience for the 7th grade Religious Diversity Journeys participants. “It can,” says Orchard Lake Middle School participant Abby Freitag, “completely change the way you look at different religions.” This year’s students were challenged to share that learning with others through a… Read More

Religious Diversity Journeys Creates Comfort Quilts

  When a child is taken into the foster care system, they often leave with no personal belongings, nothing to hold onto that is their own. In moments of loss, fear or displacement, each of us can relate to the comfort of something familiar. The Linus Project is a national non-profit that works to provide… Read More

Religious Diversity Journeys Wraps Up at the Holocaust Memorial Center

At the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, there is a newly planted tree. It was grown from a cutting of the tree that stood in front the of the house where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary. The magic of that tree is that, looking at it, one might imagine what it was like… Read More

Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan Awards Grant to IFLC for Religious Diversity Journeys

We are very excited to announce that the IFLC has received a grant from the Community Foundation to support the expansion of our Religious Diversity Journeys program. And we want to express gratitude that the Board of the Community Foundation has chosen to partner with us on RDJ, and support the crucial work we’re doing… Read More