World Sabbath at Temple Beth El, Sunday March 5

Each year, our community has a beautiful opportunity to come together, across religious, racial, and cultural lines, to promote peace and healing. We invite you to the annual community-wide World Sabbath on Sunday, March 5, at 4 pm at Temple Beth El. It will be a beautiful interfaith celebration of song, spirit, dance, and communal… Read More

Bridging Religious Boundaries 2017 Glazer Institute on Judaism Thursday, February 16

In 1943, during the dark days of World War II, Rabbi B. Benedict Glazer sought a way to soften the hatred and prejudice so bitterly dividing Detroit. One solution, he felt, was to bring together clergy friends to discuss understanding and mutual respect. Annually, he invited several Protestant ministers to Temple Beth El to hear an outstanding authority… Read More

Congratulations to Fr. George and Nouhad Shalhoub celebrating their 45th anniversary and 45 years with the community of St. Mary’s.

In 2017, Fr. George Shalhoub, pastor of The Basilica of St. Mary in Livonia, Michigan, will be celebrating his 45th anniversary of the ordination to the holy priesthood, as well as his 45th wedding anniversary. Throughout these years, he and Khouria Nouhad have served this community, tirelessly and faithfully. His parish recently released this interview… Read More

Religious Diversity Journeys at Muslim Unity Center – What our Students are Saying

Shreyas Varanasi from Geisler Middle School: “I was surprised that boys have modest dress, too, not just the girls. And I learned that Indonesia is the country with the most Muslims in the world.” Tarun Tangirala from Geisler MS: “I learned that Muslims face Mecca when they pray because it’s their spiritual place. Even when… Read More

Metro Detroit Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observances

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step… Read More

A New Year’s Message from IFLC Chairman Robert Bruttell

The election cycle has revealed fissures in the common values which are key to a thriving community life together. Many of us, myself included, were distressed that so many people seemed to reject values that I hold dear. I have spent the last few weeks thinking about that. I have reviewed what people are saying… Read More

2017: A New Year Message from IFLC President Raman Singh

Even though January 1 is “just a date” on the calendar, it can serve as an opportunity for reflection, and possibly renewal and redemption.  These are all things we create for ourselves.  Most situations, bad, good, or neutral are creations of our mind.  At the very least, we are responsible for our reactions to events… Read More