This library has been developed in partnership with Vitality Source, LLC. For more resources not specific to the metro Detroit area, visit Vitality Source’s Bridging to Belonging Library.


Hosted by Constructive Dialogue Institute This activity challenges individuals to practice listening as a way to learn about each other. To do that, one person speaks while their partner only listens quietly. 


Hosted by StoryCorps. One Small Step is an effort to remind the country of the humanity in all of us, even those with whom we disagree. The initiative brings strangers with different political views together to record a 50-minute conversation—not to debate politics—but to learn who we are as people. 


Hosted by Interfaith America. Jenan Mohajir and Rebecca Russo, both Vice Presidents at Interfaith America, narrate their personal stories and the friendship they insist on maintaining in the face of ongoing devastating news from Israel/Palestine.


Hosted by The Othering and Belonging Institute In this episode of Who Belongs? Miriam Magaña Lopez, program researcher for the Othering and Belonging Institute’s Blueprint for Belonging project, interviews Debbie Lacy, founder of Eastside for All, which has a mission to transform East King County, WA into a place where racial, economic and social justice are realized, [...]


Israel Cedeño, a medical doctor and member of the Baháʼí faith, speaks about his conversion to the Baháʼí faith and how he is committed to a faith journey that lives alongside science. Listen to how his diagnosis of a brain tumor influenced his faith journey.


Use this guide to learn more about how certain words/phrases are used and understood by different viewpoints.


Learn how certain language is understood by different viewpoints.


Share a meal either at someone's house or a restaurant.  Prepare a few discussion questions about what you have been learning or doing.


Download and try out this living room conversation with a diverse group of friends, or your Bridging to Belonging group!


This course dives deeper into the skills that help to bridge differences.  It is usually available for free.

Learning Journeys

Start a Learning Journey about specific types of experiences that are different from your own!

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