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Building Bridges Through Conversation – A Film Screening Event

April 28, 2024

On Wednesday, April 17, 2024, the InterFaith Leadership Council held a special screening of the documentary film LIST(e)N, organized by the Bridging to Belonging program and in partnership with the Plymouth District Library.

This event was part of the national Better Together Film Festival and presented in connection with the National Week of Conversation. During this transformational event, community members explored the idea that each individual brings a unique perspective to the collective narrative, and it is within this diversity that we find our strength. Attendees were moved throughout the film screening, watching the powerful journeys that occurred for film participants within each conversation about gun control, abortion, and immigration. As exchanges unfolded and intentional listening occurred within the film, participants experienced unexpected moments of connection and emotion. Those who attended the film festival were able to see the significant impact building bridges across differences had between individuals.

Following the screening, attendees engaged in a lively and meaningful conversation, sharing personal experiences and insights into the ways the film challenged them to think or feel about opinions different from their own and how their lives have been enriched by engaging with someone who had opinions different than their own. Those who spoke expressed a willingness to commit to listening with intention and the importance of recognizing the values of others within their daily interactions. They also talked about the need to practice being comfortable with discomfort, knowing that they will not always find agreement within their daily interactions with others. Community members reiterated the overall importance of making sure each individual encountered is truly seen, heard, and valued.

We extend our thanks to everyone who joined us for this inspiring evening. We welcome YOU to further explore future community events and the ways to become involved in similar discussions to create sustainable change through the Bridging to Belonging program at: