This series of Vimeos were recorded at the program Birth and Coming of Age, in which 5 people participated in a panel presentation. The following individuals spoke about their own faith traditions: Padma Kuppa on Hinduism, Brother Al Mascia on Roman Catholicism, Ed Barberus on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Najah Buzzy on Islam and Professor Howard Lupovitch on Judaism. They each shared their faith beliefs, traditions and practices regarding these important times or rites of “passage”.

There were commonalities among all of the faiths discussed- such as a the belief that everyone is born as a child of God, having a naming ceremony or baptism where the child is named before others as a child of God, that it is the family and faith community’s responsibility to help raise the child up to follow the commandments or teachings of that faith, and that at some point – anywhere from 8 years to 12 or 13 – the child enters into a time of his or her own accountability for their moral, ethical and spiritual choices and actions. The way or time that these events, celebrations or “initiations into the faith” take place however, are different for each faith. There are also differences explained regarding the expectations placed on a child at the time of their moving into accountability or spiritual maturity. The presentation was followed by an audience Q&A period where more specific questions were asked and answered.

The total length of the combined Vimeos is approximately 2 hours, with each segment between 16-28 minutes.

Please click on the panelist’s name below to watch their presentation on Birth and Coming of Age.

Professor Howard Lupovitch: Judaism

Najah Bazzy: Islam

Ed Barberis: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Padma Kuppa: Hindu

Brother Al Mascia: Catholic

Questions and Answers