What are the Three Themes of Rosh Hashanah?

The three themes of the Holiday – Teshuvah (repentance) Tefilah (prayer) and Tzedakah (charity, or providing justice to the underserved) can help any severe decree that God may have for Jews as they celebrate the Jewish New Year. 

On Sundown Wednesday, Jews in Detroit and around the world will usher in the Jewish New Year of 5778, the years the Hebrew calendar has been counting since Hayom Harat Olam – the day the World was born.

But on Rosh Hashanah, literally meaning “the head of the year”  they’ll skip the noisemakers and funny hats and fireworks. Instead, the Jewish New Year, though a celebration, is met with introspection, self reflection, and hours upon hours of praying in a Temple or synagogue that they and their loved ones in ten day’s time will be sealed in the Book of Life for the coming year.

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