Detroit Day of Seva July 30

Group PictureSeva4Everybody is excited to announce the “Detroit Day of Seva” in partnership with the Sikh Coalition.

Founded in March of 2016, Seva4Everybody (S4E), is the passion project of five young Sikhs who realized that they would have a greater impact on their community by creating an organization to draw volunteers to the efforts into which they were already putting their efforts.

The idea was that if they formalized their group and gave it a name and a social media presence, they would be able to expand their efforts. And it’s worked out exactly like that.

In the past year, they have had over 50 events, engaged over 100 volunteers and partnered with 20 non-profits including Covenant House in Detroit, United Way, and the Salvation Army.

“We just brainstorm ideas and the more events we’re doing, the more volunteers are coming to us and saying this would be a really cool thing to do, what do you think and we say, if you’re passionate about it, and you want to take the lead on it, that would be great,” says Harman Singh, one of the founders and board members of S4E. “Seva is about community, so whatever the community wants to do.”

Recently, S4E board members were at a Sikh camp in Plymouth talking to a group of kids ranging from age 6 –13 about Seva, and they asked what the kids thought would be a good thing to help the community. The kids came up with a school supply drive and S4E helped them implement it. They are putting collections at their Gurdwara and they made a video to promote the drive, for which they’re collecting all summer. The supplies with be donated to Detroit Public Schools in the fall.

The S4E volunteers really like to work with youth, says Singh. Some of their projects include working with the Starfish Youth shelter in Livonia, working with you to help them create and pursue their goals, and volunteering with the Miracle League in Plymouth to provide opportunities for kids with disabilities to play baseball.

For the past four years, the group has partnered with the nation Sikh Coalition on their annual Day of Seva. The event honors the anniversary of the 2012 Oak Creek Wisconsin Gurdwara shootings by providing meals and care packages to the homeless community in Detroit. Widespread community support is needed to ensure the event is a success.

This year’s “Day of Seva” will be on Sunday, July 30th, and will be divided into 2 phases:

Meal Preparation: 2:00 – 3:30 PM at Plymouth District Library Meeting Room (223 S Main St, Plymouth, MI 48170)

Meal Distribution: 4:30 – 6:00 PM in Midtown Detroit (3430 Third Ave. Detroit, MI 48213)

All who are interested in attending must RSVP Online.

Additionally, they are in need of donors who would like to sponsor and/or provide food/supplies. If you are interested in sponsoring a meal, please email

Finally, please spread the word to the local community. If you are on Facebook, please share the Event page.