Please sign and share the Resilience Pledge with friends, family, colleagues and congregations

Resliency Commitment
Commitment to be Resilient:
I believe
that we are called to lift each other up,
that we are stronger standing together,
that our differences are a blessing,
that empathy and love reveal the path to peace,
and that justice will prevail,
because each of us is Beloved.

Therefore, I commit to
answer intolerance with goodwill,
live by faith and hope, not fear,
seek understanding and friendship whenever I can,
stand with those facing prejudice and injustice,
meet resistance with resiliency as I build the Beloved Community each day.

“The Resiliency Commitment is important now more than ever. We must stand together united, not divide.

Now is the time to organize, and to help uplift one another. We cannot allow our core American values to be diminished. We must stand together in unity with our brothers and sisters of different backgrounds against injustices, and practice our American rights.”

– Sumaiya Ahmed Sheikh
Communications Director, Michigan Muslim Community Council
IFLC Board Member
“In these perilous times, we must redouble our efforts to build bridges between communities in the face of challenges that threaten to divide us further.  This was our motivation in forming the Resiliency Project – a initiative intended to promote unity.   We are grateful for the many individuals and organizations who have embraced the commitment statement.”
David Kurzmann
Executive Director, JCRC/AJC: A Partnership for Community Relations and Jewish Advocacy
IFLC Board Member
Community and Faith Leaders including the InterFaith Leadership Council, Jewish Community Relations Council/AJC, Michigan Muslim Community Council, Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, Christ Church Cranbrook, Metropolitan Christian Council- Detroit/Windsor, DION, Chaldean Community Foundation, National Network of Arab American Communities, Metro Detroit Compassionate Action Network, Islamic Organization of North America, the Interfaith Center for Racial Justice, Renaissance Unity, Unity of Royal Oak, Plymouth-Canton Interfaith Community Outreach, Troy-area Interfaith Group, Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, Big Beaver United Methodist Church and Take on Hate ask that you make the following important public commitment.