How do we “Show Up”?

At this moment in history, when many have felt a shift in their place in the country, and in the world, we are each called to examine our highest and best values, and answer their call.
“Some people of faith feel that they need to show up because their faith calls them to it,” says IFLC President Raman Singh, who followed that call to a protest at Metro Detroit airport last week.
“My religion requires me to stand up and stand with and stand for the oppressed. I felt required. I felt compelled.” says Singh, who is a member of metro Detroit’s Sikh community. “It’s my perception that recent actions are oppressive. I can see more oppression. I can see it in the eyes of my Muslim friends. I had to show up for them and for what is right and just.”
Now, as always, each of us can look to our traditions and our consciences to guide us on how to “show up,” how to treat our fellows, what actions we must take toward a more caring and just society, what it means to us individually to find a way toward respect, love, understanding, and mutual commitment to our communities and our country.
Whether it’s World Sabbath or writing a letter or sharing of time to care for those in need, or answering a request from one of our brothers or sisters to stand with them, that still small voice is letting each of us know how we are meant to honor our own tradition’s call to its version of “love thy neighbor as thyself.”