Religious Diversity Journeys at Muslim Unity Center – What our Students are Saying

Shreyas Varanasi from Geisler Middle School: “I was surprised that boys have modest dress, too, not just the girls. And I learned that Indonesia is the country with the most Muslims in the world.”
Tarun Tangirala from Geisler MS: “I learned that Muslims face Mecca when they pray because it’s their spiritual place. Even when they’re traveling they’ll take out a compass to find it.”
Dylan Walker from Sashabaw MS: “I was surprised that they invented math; I thought it would be a blend of a bunch of different cultures.”
Gabe Gibs from Sashabaw MS: “I found it interesting how many inventions the Muslims came up with. Some people think they’re bad, but they made things that are really important and life today would be really hard if we didn’t have them, like surgical tools.”