Remembering Huston Smith

Photo by Heidi M. Kettler

On December 30, the year 2016 claimed yet another of the world’s brightest lights with the passing of religion scholar Huston Smith.

IFLC Chairman Robert Bruttell remembers Smith:
I credit Prof. Smith with being the godfather of the Interfaith movement we now see around us. Religious Studies as a discipline was influenced and fostered by Smith as much as it was by William James. Smith showed the value of Religion and pluralism as a major contributor to the creative energy that society needs to thrive and meet new challenges. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Huston Smith. God rest his soul.

Once dubbed “the rock star of religion” by the Christian Science Monitor, Smith explored the varied terrain of world religions long before it was fashionable to pursue religious understanding beyond the bounds of one’s own faith tradition. Smith may be best known for sharing his sense of the sacred through his text ” The World’s Religions” and his PBS series, ” The Wisdom of Faith With Huston Smith.

Please join us in giving thanks for his life and his work.