What are they learning at RDJ?

dscn3906Annabelle Yeloushan, Sashabaw Middle School
“I just thought that Santa was a jolly guy who gave kids presents, but I learned that he started out as somebody helping the poor, then the meaning changed.”
Sineen Raslan, Beverly Hills Academy
“When I put the bag on the table I felt really good and happy about helping somebody who isn’t as lucky as most of us.” (Regarding the service project where the students made snack packs for children living below the poverty line)
Amani Ahmad, Beverly Hills Academy
“We learned that messiah means savior, and that Christmas trees don’t really have much to do with Christmas.”
Ysabella Macalino, Orchard Lake Middle School
“It’s really amazing how much the two religions we’ve seen so far have in common.” (After visiting a synagogue and church.)