Journeys into Judaism Photos

Our 7th Grade Religious Diversity Journeys students have just finished their Jewish Journeys. Two groups went to Temple Israel, one to Congregation Adat Shalom, and one to Temple Beth El. They learned fun and interesting facts, spent time thinking about how Judaism compared to their own religions, and reflected on the misunderstandings and misconceptions they had about Judaism and how much better they understood after their journey. Thanks so much to the congregations, Rabbis, volunteers, parents, teachers, students, and schools for helping to create this amazing experience!

We learned that Jews pray facing Israel, many Jews do not eat dairy and meat at the same time, that Christianity and Judaism believe in Old Testament, it takes one year to write a Torah scroll, women can be rabbis, Jewish people observe the Sabbath, that Rosh Hashanah is the new year, Hebrew is read from right to left and so is the Quran, a Bar mitzvah is a coming of age ceremony and not just a party, Judaism has many similarities to Christianity, that there are multiple denominations of Judaism, that the long beard is a stereotype, that only some Jews wear a yarmulke, that Jews care about their community, that rabbis can be married, and much, much more.

Adults who wish to learn about Judaism should check out our upcoming Exploring Our Religious Landscapes Comparative Judaism course. Click here for more info.

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