Our children are learning to triumph over fear and hate with love and hope

Tune in each week to see what we’re learning at RDJ!
In today’s climate, it seems more important than ever to teach our children to triumph over fear and hate with love and hope. And helping them reflect on what they learn at Religious Diversity Journeys is one way we can help them express themselves and the ideas we hope they’ll take out into the community. Our hope is to create, not only 550 new good neighbors this year, but also to create a ripple effect that sends the message of respect and inclusion through their schools and out into the community. So, we ask questions about what they enjoy and find interesting at each journey. And we have added a writing component, where students get to express what they love about the journeys. Here’s what a few of our budding peacemakers had to say about their Judaism journeys this week:
It was interesting…
“…that rabbis can get married and women can be rabbis.” Audrey
“…that we had to cover our eyes during certain prayers.” Jack
“…that Jews are so similar to myself.” Adam
“…that women can be rabbis because they can’t be priests in my religion.” Ambarish
“It was cool how they have so many traditions. I liked how the light symbolized the light in your heart.” Grace
“…how the men dress up and prepare for worship.” Jordon
“It was nice that they circled each other during the wedding.” Maggie