New IFLC Community Building Committee creates”Ask A…” series

ask-aAs the IFLC takes on a greater and greater role in the metro Detroit area, working on religious literacy, health care, building an interfaith network and sharing information, it is clear that our next step is to bring more people into the crucial work of community building by reaching out into the community.

The Community Building Committee, which is the newest volunteer arm of the InterFaith Leadership Council, strives to build a sense of community across faiths through open dialogue, service and interfaith engagement.  It is their mission to build bridges of understanding in the process of uncovering our shared faith values and common humanity. And they will create opportunities to celebrate our differences through relationship building and service.

According to Program Director and Administrator Meredith Skowronski, “We had so many requests from people to volunteer with the IFLC but had no volunteer arm- and no definitive volunteer needs.  So we formed this committee as a way to engage some of the people who wanted to put energy into the organization.”

The committee’s activities began with an interfaith drumming program this spring. And now they are creating the “Ask A” series to create a chance to ask meaningful questions about different faith traditions. They also plan to create interfaith service days, quarterly coffeehouse meetings and story-sharing events.  The goal is to both engage the community and become engaged within the community.

The committee is a diverse group, made up of pastors, social workers, teachers, small business owners and others. They have been our front line at all events- the smiling faces who work registration for us.

“Ask a…” is an informal and causal gathering intended to allow participants the opportunity to ask questions of members of a faith that they may not be familiar with.  They are hosted at a house of worship different from the faith being presented to increase the comfort level of participants and to demonstrate how we can come together to promote understanding in open and honest dialogue regardless of faith.

The first Ask A event is going to be held Wednesday, November 9th at Pine Hill Congregational Church (see attached flyer).

We are very fortunate to have community leaders Najah Bazzy, founder of Zaman International and Imam Steve Elturk , Imam of the Islamic Organization of North America (IONA)  coming to answer questions on Islam.  This is a truly unique opportunity, and we hope you will come and bring friends who might welcome the opportunity to learn and connect.

Click here to register for Ask A…