Register now! Conflict Transformation Series with Peacemakers Dan Buttry and Monica Boomer

multi-religious-conflict-transformation-trainingHas there been conflict in your religious congregation?  Has there been conflict in your family?  Has there been conflict in your community?

Can we handle these conflicts from the best of our various religious traditions, or do we often respond to our conflicts with the worst in ourselves and sometimes even with the worst expressions of religions we hold dear?

If you want to explore and learn about conflict transformation–turning conflicts from negative, destructive experiences into positive constructive experiences–join us for a series of 8 evening seminars in November and December.  The trainings will be very practical and even fun, drawing upon some of the teachings of the religious traditions of the participants.

The seminars will be facilitated by Dan Buttry and Monica Boomer.  Buttry is a global trainer in conflict transformation, including in interfaith contexts.  Boomer was trained by one of the great contemporary peacemaker teachers, John Paul Lederach at Notre Dame, and is currently working with Zaman International in conflict transformation.

Participants in the training will learn about conflict dynamics, how to get to win/win solutions, how to deal constructively with differences, transformative actions in conflict, and balancing the demands of justice and peace.  These principles and practices can be applied to family, congregational, workplace, and community conflicts.

One graduate of Dan Buttry’s training in Kenya used his skills from the workshop to mediate an end to a violent inter-tribal conflict.  Congregational wars can be deeply painful as well, but through such workshops Dan has seen congregations learn language to understand what is happening and where they have choices to act constructively out of their core religious values.  He has seen churches on the verge of splits return to health after learning these skills and working through the processes.  But the seminar isn’t just about the times of serious crisis, rather how to deal with our daily conflicts in constructive ways so that the smaller issues don’t explode into divisive experiences.

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