Come Learn about the “Word of Wisdom” and the Book of Mormon

detroit-michigan-temple-01-808x480In 1820, young Joseph Smith was visited by God and by Jesus Christ in the woods near his New York home. In early fall of 1823, the angel Moroni visited Smith and showed him where the golden plates inscribed with the text of the Book of Mormon were buried. Four years later the angel delivered the plates to Smith for translation and publication, and in 1830, the Book of Mormon was published.

On Tuesday, November 29, Exploring our Religious Landscapes participants will have the opportunity to gather at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 37425 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills to learn about the teachings found in the Book of Mormon and how they shape the lives of Church members.

The program will begin in the Church’s cultural hall with a dinner that illustrates LDS health principles called the ” Word of Wisdom,” which emphasizes the use of healthy grains and fruits, and limiting meat, as well as avoiding harmful substances like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. At dinner, participants will learn about how a healthy lifestyle is part of the religious faith of the Latter-day Saints, who believe that the body is a gift that must be treated carefully. Guests will get to enjoy a delicious kosher / halal meal featuring salads, pastas, and homemade breads.

Dinner will be followed by formal presentation on three general topics selected to explain the beliefs of the church and how they are expressed in the lives of its members, followed by time for questions:

  • “Who is God and Who Are We?”
  • “What is the Book of Mormon; What is its Significance?”
  • “Families and Temples”

These three topics encompass the twelve basic tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ – Latter-day Saints, which are the unifying values of its world-wide system of churches, missionaries, and services has been built.

The program will conclude with dessert and a chance for informal questions and discussion.

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