The Big Message: People are People

Church-front-500x375Beverly Miller was surprised to find out that Jews don’t talk much about the afterlife and that Muslims believe in angels. But her biggest surprise was how welcome she felt at each house of worship she visited as a participant in Exploring Our Religious Landscapes.

She had never visited a mosque or a synagogue and was very pleased with her reception at both Temple Israel and the Muslim Unity Center, where she enjoyed a beautiful Iftar dinner, got to visit with volunteers from the mosque, and experience a Muslim prayer service.

“They were so sweet because they sit on the floor of course, and some of us were older, like me, and they brought in chairs for us.”

Miller, who is Catholic, had come to the MUC partly, she said, because of everything she read in the newspapers about Islam. Participants didn’t skirt difficult questions and Miller said she was impressed with how well Imam Almasmari handled them.

“One thing that stood out for me, no matter what religion anyone is, they’re just like us. We sat down and had a meal and talked about the same things,” said Miller. “I learned some things about the religion, but that wasn’t as important to me as finding out that they’re just people. They have their faith like we have our faith. People are people. That’s the big message here.”

The Fall session of Exploring Our Religious Landscapes will continue the interfaith journey with visits to Sri Venkateswara Hindu Temple, The Jain Temple of Farmington Hills, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

And on Tuesday, November 1, we will have the opportunity to visit The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Birmingham.

Visitors will get to learn about Church founder Mary Baker Eddy, and her conviction that the healing works of early Christianity were not a special gift for particular times or certain individuals, but were based on unchanging divine law and love that can be experienced and demonstrated by all.

The church, which has congregations in 130 countries, teaches that spiritual healing isn’t miraculous, but a natural effect of understanding God’s goodness, power and love.

In this fascinating program, participants will learn about Christian Science, including:

  • The tenets of Christian Science.
  • Christian Science beliefs about the nature of God and Jesus Christ.
  • Church practices.
  • How spiritual healing occurs.

Please come join us for what is sure to be a fascinating look at the Church and a wonderful opportunity for you also to get to know community members of all different faiths.

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