Exploring Our Religious Landscapes at the Gurdwara Sahib Ji Mata Tripta

mata tripta ji gurdwaraThe Gurdwara Sahib Ji Mata Tripta will welcome participants in the Exploring Our Religious Landscapes to a fascinating exploration of Sikhism on Wednesday, April 27, 6 -9 pm.

The program will include an introduction to Sikhism, explaining some of its basic tenets, such as belief in one God, values that include equality and service (sangat), and the five articles of faith, including the turban, bracelets, and small sword, that Sikhs wear or carry.

A tour of the gurdwara will include the diwan hall, where they hold services. In the diwan, visitors will get to see the Sikh holy scripture, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, which is a collection of writings, poems, and hymns by Sikh gurus.  The tour will include an explanation of the signs of respect Sikh traditions accords its scripture, in the form of royal coverings, a canopy, and the whisk that is waved over the Sri Guru Granth Sahib during reading.

The program includes a sample of kirten, Sikh sacred music. And participants will have the opportunity to participate in the Sikh’s lovely tradition of welcoming visitors with a communal langar meal. It is one of the many ways Sikhs demonstrate the high value of equality in Sikhism. At a langar meal, everyone sits on the floor together (pangat), and it is considered an honor to serve the meal.

Afterward, the text study will start with the Japji Sahib, chanting and meditation that is the beginning of the Sikh scripture, and also the Sikh morning prayer.  The text study will be an exploration of the central question of Sikhism, “How do I break the wall of falsehood and become True?” and a discussion of Sikh understanding of acceptance.

Please join us for this wonderful opportunity to learn about the Sikh tradition, sample the excellent hospitality of the gurdwara, and engage in discussions that help all of us bridge our many traditions and create a foundation of understanding and respect on which we can build our community.

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