Parents Respond to Religious Diversity Journeys Visits to Sikh Gurdwaras

Rochester Hills GurdwaraThis year, we have 450 7th graders are participating in 3 cohorts of Religious Diversity Journeys. Our most recent visits were to the Hidden Falls and Rochester Gurdwaras, where the students learned about Sikhism. The journeys were designed to introduce students to some of the faiths represented in our diverse community, and open conversations between students of different backgrounds. Because attitudes about different faiths and cultures start at home, we include parents in the journeys to learn alongside their children. Here are some of their reactions:

I had zero knowledge of Sikhi before today so I found myself in a similar position to my child.

They did an excellent job of explaining what and why of their beliefs. Working in a diverse population I understood more about the families I care for.

This religion is all about God and your personal journey to get to the divine. I think this to be a great way to live.

I feel like I made a new group of friends- corny, I know, but if all Sikhs feel the way our hosts demonstrated today I am so honored to know what I do now.

Learning the beliefs of another religion is wonderful and allows for parents and kids to learn tolerance.

It was wonderful. What warm, wonderful people! The hospitality of this congregation is second to none J I truly feel that I could come to the gurdwara anytime and be welcomed. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to participate and learn along with my child. I also love the RDJ book provided to the students. It is a great, concise resource that will be useful in the years to come.

The openness and inviting environment allowed students to ask questions that might go unasked in the traditional classroom.

I liked how both men and women presented.

What an incredible team they have at the Sikh Gurdwara! Thank you all so much for your time and kindness!

I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned with other adults.

Found the discussion about seva-service to be inspiring.

I think that the food, ways of sitting to eat, and the way it was served was very unique. I thoroughly enjoyed the music when we entered.

I enjoyed the young speakers. I think they spoke to the students in their language.

I really knew nothing about the Sikh religion and I feel very enlightened. Helped me to understand some of the stigmas of the religion.

The immersion into the Sikh faith with education, hands on experiences, demonstrations and even the food were wonderful!

I feel so enlightened, welcomed and informed about something I knew nothing about and yes maybe intimidated before today.

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