Muslim Community Coordinating Water for Flint Residents

trucks for flintMichigan’s Muslim Community Steps Forward to Assist Flint

Bolstered by Statewide Support from Michigan’s Muslims, the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village Expands Operations to include Ambitious, Speedy and Sustainable Assistance and Advocacy

Michigan’s large Muslim community has mobilized its resources and volunteers to help with the Flint water crisis. Over the past week, several Muslim non-profits and relief organizations have brought over 110,000 bottles of water for Flint residents. These organizations include Life for Relief and Development, Amity Foundation, Who is Hussain and the Kalamazoo Muslim Community. Another 40,000 bottles of water are expected to arrive over the next week from Islamic Relief USA. The Michigan Muslim Community Council has started an online crowdfunding campaign called “Clean Water for Flint” on ( Amina Iqbal, Director of Operations at MMCC states that, “We want to do more than give clean water, we want to assist families affected by lead poisoning and provide education and screening resources.”

The Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village based in Urban Flint has partnered with many local groups to collect and distribute clean water, provide filters, and provide information about water safety in the neighborhoods. It has partnered with MMCC to help residents of Flint Michigan.  “We want everyone to understand that there is no quick fix to this catastrophe. There is a clear need for a sustained long-term relief effort that must coincide with the rebuilding of our water infrastructure” stated Omar Kamran, Flint Resident and Executive Director of the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village.

Michigan Muslim’s feel especially compelled to provide water to their neighbors due to their faith. Providing water in among the highest forms of charity in the Muslim faith. They are joining a large number of other faith based organizations that are providing relief to Flint residents. The work is urgently needed in light of the slow reaction by state and local officials to deliver critical clean water resources to a community already devastated by poverty, crime, and blight. The MMCC and Broome Village efforts will be expanded to deliver larger amounts of clean water by truck and tanker to residents, to provide educational and health screening resources to residents, and to advocate for a change of the Flint water pipes that are causing the contamination.

“The avoidable disaster and human tragedy in Flint and the human tragedy present a two-fold challenge to all based on our humanitarian values, without regard to color or creed. First, we must meet the immediate needs of our brothers and sisters in humanity by building a sustainable water-relief effort. Then we must make a commitment to necessary investments in our infrastructure and reforms of government to prevent a repeat of the unthinkable.” stated project spokesperson, Attorney Tarek M. Baydoun of Dearborn, MI., Advisor to the Michigan Muslim Community Council.  Since 1988, MMCC has been “Unifying communities, promoting the best Islamic and American values, and pursuing social justice in America.” The effort has already begun to garner support from interfaith partners and people and organizations across the state and the nation.


water flyer

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Detroit Chapter has partnered with Humanity First USA to assist with the disaster relief efforts for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

They have setup a water collection station at the Ahmadiyya  Muslim Community Center located at 1730 W. Auburn Rd., Rochester Hills, MI 48309.
Water and monetary donations can be dropped off daily 7-10 PM or by calling 248.884.7880 during normal business hours (8-5 PM).  If your organization collects drinkable water cases in bulk, they will provide pick up service.  Humanity First tax deductible receipt will be issued for all monetary donations.  To donate online please click here.