After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Join Us in Giving Tuesday

Flood Recovery Group

Many of our IFLC friends remember well the floods of August 2014. It was the first full day of our NAIN conference, and as the skies opened up with historic rains, the streets and freeways rapidly flooded, stranding many of our conference guests as they struggled to make their way home from dinner. No doubt many of them arrived home to find another unwelcome sight – – flooded basements and spoiled belongings. While these are just memories for most of us, there are thousands of Detroit families who are still living with the consequences of the floods. More than half of the hundred and 130,000 Detroit area homes affected by the floods were deemed ineligible for help from FEMA. Thousands received no assistance from any state or private insurance, and are living with moldy basements and broken furnaces and hot water heaters.

Recognizing this dire community need, the Interfaith Leadership Council has been participating with other volunteer agencies in creating a long-term recovery organization, the Southeast Michigan Flood Recovery Group, to help organize the volunteer and financial resources necessary to respond to this continuing blight in our community. As you consider the gifts you wish to share in this holiday season, we invite you to view the video and join with us in responding to this critical community need.

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