Edward Levy Religious Literacy Grant Recipient DION Plans Interfaith Potlucks and Panel Presentations

first universalist unitarianBreaking bread is a magical opportunity for people to share an essential moment. It is a very human act that can bring us together when we do it together. It can create a sacred space where we are closer to our commonalities than to our differences, and it can create a prime opportunity to share and learn about each other.

The Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network (DION) has been creating and taking advantage of these opportunities through a series of potluck dinners, the theme of which is “Lifting up Detroit in Song and Prayer.”

“I really wanted to bring people together around the idea of lifting up Detroit,” says DION leader, Rabbi Doris Edut, who has been instrumental in developing the four year old series, and many other interfaith programs that bring metro Detroit community members together across ethnic, religious, racial and geographical lines.

With the help of an Edward Levy Religious Literacy grant from the IFLC, the program will go from a wonderful informal gathering to an outstanding adult religious literacy opportunity. Scheduled for four times each year, the program will take place at various houses of worship around the area.

The first event will take place on December 6 at the First Unitarian Universalist Church.

The program will be a potluck dinner, a service, and a panel presentation on the subject of how each faith deals with the issue of violence, especially youth violence. The event will conclude with a short presentation on Unitarian Universalism and a tour of the building.

The public is welcome. There is no charge. Just bring a dish to share. If you name begins with A – L, bring a vegetarian or dairy entrée. If it starts with M – Z, bring fruit or desert or drinks. DION will supply coffee and tea.

Please RSVP to Rabbi Edut at mutzim@aol.com or call 248 556-6316.