How do you handle not even drinking water during the summer month of Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan, we fast from sunrise until sunset. This includes not drinking water, eating food, and smoking. Our bodies have the natural ability to survive a few days without food or water. As a Muslim, one must have the discipline and ability to train his body to conform to fasting, as this assists in helping train him in abstaining from sinful acts. It is essential that the fasting individual wake up early to have a small meal and drink plenty of water before dawn as this will assist him throughout the fasting day. In a nutshell, just like a marathon runner trains him/herself to run long distances, the Muslim can train him/herself to go long periods without food or drink. Just as the less fortunate often go a lengthy period without the benefit of food and drink, we too go that lengthy period in order to sympathize with the less fortunate, while gaining appreciation for the countless blessings we have been given.