America has described herself in many ways. It is often thought of as a melting pot or as a tapestry of cultures woven together. Religious and cultural diversity has grown exponentially since 1965. So many differences, so many opportunities for misunderstanding and tension. Our mission in a nutshell is to take practical steps to transform all of those difficulties into creative energy and build a metropolitan Detroit community that thrives on the basis of what we have in common and what we can learn from one another. Please join with us. We welcome your contribution. 

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Upcoming Events

IFLC Annual Awards Dinner

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Wednesday, October 14th, 5:30pm

Silver Garden Events Center, Southfield

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Hats Across the Faith Traditions

Sunday, October 18th,    3:30pm – 6:00pm

St. John’s Episcopal Church, 26998 Woodward, Royal Oak

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A screening of the film, “Hats of Jerusalem” followed by an interactive panel discussion sharing and comparing head-covering customs across the faith traditions.

The Edward Levy Religious Literacy Grant

Five $500 grants offered to faith or interfaith organizations for programs that promote religious understanding and literacy.

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We wish to encourage new and creative ideas for teaching religious literacy, especially programs for adult religious literacy. Please share your ideas with us!

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Religious Diversity Media Contest

1st place- $500, 2nd place- $300, 3rd place- $200

Create a video message 5 minutes or less that addresses the question of religious diversity and interfaith understanding to be eligible for these awards.

All videos must be the original work of a single young person or a group of young people no older than 18 years old.

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by Beth Robinson So, I’m sitting in this church in Hamtramck. It’s getting dark outside, and darker inside because there’s no electricity in the church. Nothing flowing between DTE and The International Beginning Ministries Church on Grayling Street. But, amazingly, there is power. In the absence of electricity, there is a palpable sense of possibility.…

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(This is a general description that represents, but does not cover all the many Christian denominations). The Communion or the Eucharist is a ceremony that commemorates the Last Supper, in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed. During Jesus Christ’s last days on earth, he shared bread and wine with his disciples and explained to them that…

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Say (O prophet): “God speaks the Truth: follow the religion of Abraham, the upright; he was not of the polytheists” Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah (Mecca), full of blessing, and (a center of) guidance for the whole world. In it are Signs Manifest; (such as), the Station…

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Each year, Muslims around the world celebrate two holidays: Eid Al-Fitr (or the Festival of Fast Breaking) and Eid Al-Adha (or the Festival of Sacrifice). The word “Eid” is the Arabic translation of holiday. Eid Al-Fitr is three days long. This Eid is the celebration of the successful conclusion of the month of fasting of…

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by Interfaith Minister Reverend Laurie DelPino The Detroit Conference of the United Methodist Church Commission on Christian Unity and Inter-religious Relationships is working on a study guide to sensitize major Christian faith groups (including but not limited to United Methodists) to the communication habits and cultural behaviors of other faith groups with the end goal of increased…

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from World Religions The great faiths explored & explained, by John Bowker Religion in Japan is a rich tapestry of interwoven traditions and religions, which has been developing for over 2,000 years. Some of the strands are indigenous; others have been introduced during the course of history. In general, Japanese people do not choose between…

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