America has described herself in many ways. It is often thought of as a melting pot or as a tapestry of cultures woven together. Religious and cultural diversity has grown exponentially since 1965. So many differences, so many opportunities for misunderstanding and tension. Our mission in a nutshell is to take practical steps to transform all of those difficulties into creative energy and build a metropolitan Detroit community that thrives on the basis of what we have in common and what we can learn from one another. Please join with us. We welcome your contribution. 

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Upcoming Events

IFLC Annual Awards Dinner

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Wednesday, October 14th, 5:30pm

Silver Garden Events Center, Southfield

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Religious Diversity Journeys Continue…

We are expanding further for the 2015-2016 school year!

Next year over 450 7th grade students from 30 middle schools in Oakland and Wayne counties, along with their teachers and parents, will embark upon an immersive religious and cultural experience visiting  churches, synagogues, mosques, Hindu Temples, Sikh Gurdwaras and the DIA.

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Face to Faith for 8th-12th Graders Continues in 2016…

Please mark your calendar for our 2016 Face to Faith dates!

Thursday, Jan 28 – 6-9pm
Thursday, Feb 25 – 6-9pm
Thursday, March 17 – 6-9pm
Thursday, April 14 – 6 -9pm

This is a perfect opportunity for your youth group, confirmation class and students to learn more about the faiths that surround them in their every day lives!   Please click here to email our Program Director and learn more!

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Religion or Culture? Religion and culture influence each other so much, that people often don’t think of them as being separate. But they are. Christians and Muslims are both faiths that cover large and diverse geographic areas. And in many places they dress, eat and even observe holidays differently than their co-religionists in other regions.…

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On Christmas, when those who celebrate the holiday want to be with family, the hungry are still hungry, the disabled still need help, shelter dogs still need to be fed, and the elderly still need companionship. It’s been an annual tradition for Jewish Detroiters to gather for Mitzvah (good deed) Day each Christmas to relieve…

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The intersection of health and faith is a very natural place for our newest board member, Nancy Combs. She has an MA in religion from Yale Divinity School and currently serves as the Director of Community Health, Equity & Wellness at the Henry Ford Health System. “Health is always more than a physical matter,” says…

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A Jaina, or Jain, is a follower of the Jinas, the spiritual conquerors from whose lives and teaching the Jain religion in India is derived. They are human teachers who have attained the highest knowledge and insight, and who share with their followers the way to moksha, the release from rebirth in the worlds of…

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I got involved in the interfaith community as a young adult attending interfaith Thanksgiving prayer services with my father. These efforts were his personal mission. We started reaching out to people of other faiths because, as Sikhs, a minority that was not well understood, we wanted people to understand us. In the long run, I…

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Ecumenical Theological Seminary Theological Seminary Presents 9th ANNUAL SPIRIT AWARDS BANQUET   Seven community leaders to be being honored at 2015 event

The Ecumenical Theological Seminary (ETS) will host its 9th Annual Spirit Awards Banquet on May 13, 2015 at the Shriners Silver Garden Event Center in Southfield.  A special reception for honorees, sponsors and ETS 2015 graduates will begin at 5:30 PM, and the awards presentations and dinner will start at 6:30PM.  The annual event honors individuals and organizations that have…

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