America has described herself in many ways. It is often thought of as a melting pot or as a tapestry of cultures woven together. Religious and cultural diversity has grown exponentially since 1965. So many differences, so many opportunities for misunderstanding and tension. Our mission in a nutshell is to take practical steps to transform all of those difficulties into creative energy and build a metropolitan Detroit community that thrives on the basis of what we have in common and what we can learn from one another. Please join with us. We welcome your contribution. 

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Upcoming Events

IFLC’s 3rd Annual Awards Dinner

Wednesday, October 14th, 5:30pm

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Silver Garden Events Center, Southfield

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Head Coverings Across the Faith Traditions

Sunday, October 18th, 3:30pm – 6:00pm

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak

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We conduct these interfaith events to increase respect and understanding for the
diversity of faiths, cultures and races. Bringing people together to further
understanding of our similarities and our differences helps to reduce prejudice,
which, if left unchecked, can lead to hate and violence.






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Steve Spreitzer is the President and CEO of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. He has, he says, the biggest interfaith rolodex in southeast Michigan. Spreitzer received his Masters in Social Work at Michigan State University, where he studied the role of the faith community in advancing social justice. He has worked in community… Read More

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We are very excited to announce that the IFLC has received a grant from the Community Foundation to support the expansion of our Religious Diversity Journeys program. And we want to express gratitude that the Board of the Community Foundation has chosen to partner with us on RDJ, and support the crucial work we’re doing… Read More

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This year’s community service award will go to Brother Al Mascia for his tireless work feeding, ministering to, uplifting and healing the community. From his bicycle cart ministry to the Song and Spirit Care’avan, Brother Al finds a way to get what’s needed to those who need it. And as he pursues this Franciscan mission,… Read More

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by Paula Drewek What begins a journey…particularly an interfaith journey?  Well, I suppose it starts with doing something new, expanding your world in some way.  For many of us, that often starts with college.  I was plunged into a different world when I went to Stephens College in Columbia, MO.  I came from Kokomo, Indiana,… Read More

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by Meredith Skowronski, IFLC administrator, and RDJ Program Director Although it’s been six years since I anxiously hung my name-plate outside of my classroom door and waited with anticipation for the start of the school year, as the summer winds down again I still feel the pull.  The soft undertow tugging my thoughts towards the… Read More

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For Hindus, all secular and spiritual knowledge is contained in the Vedas. The root of the word “Veda” is “Vid” which is to know, therefore all knowledge is in the Vedas. The date that the Vedas were written has never been conclusively fixed. According to Hindus, the Vedas are eternal. The Vedas do not owe… Read More

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